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The Assignment and Lien Release Generation and Tracking Platform

AI-Powered Document Generation from Generation to Recording

MAXLien, the revolutionary platform for Assignment and Lien Release tracking and document generation. With MAX, you can streamline your workflow and take control of the assignment and lien release process like never before

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See MAX in action

MAX - Assignment Generation

MAX - Assignment Generation


Bulk Import, Assignment & Lien Release Generation, eSign and Recording

Reps and Warrants

Our Reps and Warrants guarantee that all assignments and lien releases are accurate, compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, and free from any defects or errors.

Customer Specific

Respond to customer requests across channels with self service workflow configuration without ever leaving MAX


Provide the best customer support at every step

MAX's highly configurable workflow and quality control steps are controlled by your business unit.  This empowers MAX users to tailor their processes to meet the specific needs of their customers, providing them with the best possible support. With MAX, you can ensure that your assignments and lien releases are accurate, compliant, and delivered with unparalleled customer service.

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Everything your team needs to track document status

MAX makes it easy for hybrid teams to track, generate, and work on any device and from anywhere. Plus, it’s easy to scale—deploy new users and global offices in minutes.  


MAXIMUM 360 View

It all happens on one powerful platform

MAX brings together your document prep, data upload, document generation, quality control, workflow, eSign, and Recording. Streamline customer management, and connect your teams and customers in one beautiful workspace (Without the need for IT!)

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Enterprise-grade features you can count on

100% availability

That means our enterprise-grade infrastructure keeps your teams up and running, day and night.

Open integrations

MAX pairs perfectly with various Title and Servicing platforms with our robust open API

Real-time Insights

You'll have complete visibility into bulk document generation, recording status, user performance across the enterprise

“MAX gives us a single platform for our team and customer collaboration.”

Elizabeth Leon, Client Success Director

Connect your entire Lien and Assignment process with MAX

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