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Unlocking the power of accurate & consistent Title Searches

Leveraging the Power of Data and Bots to revolutionize how Search Products are delivered

Abstract Now is a technology platform that leverages data from county recorder's offices across over 1400 counties, RPA bots, and expert title examiners to provide accurate and reliable title search solutions.

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See MAX in action



Reliable Data

Comprehenive, Reliable, Data and Document Images available to ensure fast and reliable search results 

Efficient Bots

Leveraging Bots and AI to gather search data in an automated fashion

Expert Examiniers

Leverage our Experience Examiners to ensure the highest Quality Searches regardless of Data and Bot Coverage

Built for Everyone

Designed for Underwritters, Title Companies and Search Providers

MAX's highly configurable workflow and quality control steps are controlled by your business unit.  This empowers MAX users to tailor their processes to meet the specific needs of their customers, providing them with the best possible support. With MAX, you can ensure that your assignments and lien releases are accurate, compliant, and delivered with unparalleled customer service.

Seasonal Sales

Easy Onboarding

Reduce Search Costs by up to 50% immediately

MAX makes it easy for hybrid teams to track, generate, and work on any device and from anywhere. Plus, it’s easy to scale—deploy new users and global offices in minutes.  


Coverage of 80% of highly populated jurisdictions in the US

Move away from traditional manual search solutions and increase profitability and efficiencies by up to 50% in our coverage areas.

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Enterprise-grade features you can count on

100% availability

That means our enterprise-grade infrastructure keeps searches returning up and running, day and night.

Open integrations

AbstractNow pairs perfectly with various Title platforms with our robust open API

Real-time Insights

You'll have complete visibility into search status and tracking

Title Search Solutions AbstractNow Can Provide 

Current Owner Searches

Enabling a smart way to partner with lenders on the CD collaboration process.

2 Owner Searches

Transform a 20-30 Manual Post Closing to 2-3 minute automated Process

Update Searches

In Demand Reports

Legal and Vesting Reports

Ensuring Originators peace of mind to fund the loan. 

Property Report

Transform a 30-90 Manual Post Closing to 10-20 minute automated Proces

Lien Verification Report

Assignment Verification Report

Default Property Report, including BK and FC

Start Leveraging AbstractNow

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