Speed up your loan origination process with our intuitive workflow management software DocTrac.


DocTrac – Workflow for Loan Origination

Speed up your loan origination process with our intuitive workflow management software – DocTrac. Loan origination is the first crucial step in the loan process. There are a lot of repetitive processes involved. However, it needs to be done meticulously and with an eye for detail.

An advanced loan origination software like Doctrac can assist you in identifying bottlenecks and automating repetitive functions resulting in faster processing time and improved efficiency and productivity.

Doctrac is a trusted tool for loan organisations:

  • Integration : Seamless integration with most of the LOS systems. Ability to work within client environment (AWS, Citrix etc.)

  • Automation Ready : Automate tasks which are repetitive and do not add much value to your business i.e. Loan Setup, ordering services, HOI,
    Title review, Scheduling Loan closing,Closing

  • User-friendly Interface : Easy to understand and use UI, makes the software productive earlier than expected.

  • Pipeline management : Identify the bottlenecks and optimize processes.

  • Data Analytics : Avail real-time reporting and data analytics for prompt intervention if required and informed decision making.

  • Cloud-based : Access data and information anywhere anytime, without investing in expensive on-prem hardware and software.

  • Self Service Portal : A self-service portal makes information available at a click of a button, eliminating the need for to and from email or phone communication.

  • Customization : Fully customizable to every business requirement. Avanze has a team of dedicated professionals who will understand your business needs and
    customize Doctrac to suit your requirements.

Key Components that changed the way of working

DocTrac effectively tracks and manages loan movement across the loan origination life cycle. The overall portfolio management gets very structured and efficient.