Business Process automation optimizes your workflows making them more efficient leading to profits.

Avanze has the right set of tools, technical expertise, and human resources to help you with your automation requirements. We widely use open source OCR technologies like Google Tesseract, Abbyy, Mitek and TOCR for business process automation.


Define the objectives, existing process which needs to be automated.


Understand and analyse existing business objectives and processes.


After deployment, we will analyse if the solution is delivering as per the defined objectives. If not, the solution will be refined- until the objectives are achieved.

Our Approach

  • Evaluation

  • Understand the use case for automation

  • Design, development and deploy

  • Refine

Automation in Mortgage

  • County Search

  • Document Classification in Post Closing

Case Studies

#1 County Search Automation Case Study


    The customer used to manually search property documents from the county websites. Since this process was repetitive, time-consuming and and structured process, it was appropriate for Robotic Process Automation.


    The following activities were automated:

  • Documents from Tax Collectors website
  • Documents from County website
  • OCR the documents downloaded
  • Upload pdf documents to Direct2Title


  • Time saving

  • Improved service delivery

  • Improved quality and control

  • Freeing human resources from low value activities
  • Cost savings

#2 Post-Closing Doc Classification


    A Title Settlement company wants to classify the post closing documents automatically since it was a time-consuming manual task, which the customer wished to automate. Client is expecting an output of 70% success in automation.


  • Converting pdf documents to electronic data           using Google OCR
  • Extract document headers to identify the         document
  • Classified and group all the pages of the  document automatically and show unrecognized images for manual intervention


  • Time saving while performing analyses
  • Improved productivity by 35% and thus reduce the agents to classify manually
  • Cost savings